How much does a hypnotherapy or clinical hypnosis session cost? Depending on complexity, I charge from $200 for the first session and $150 for subsequent sessions.

There is no doubt that a guided one-on-one session with a clinical hypnotherapist is the best first step in tackling an issue/s. I have helped a great many clients achieve their desired results through hypnosis, and can help YOU take control of any issues you might have with individually tailored sessions. For self-help or further research, click on any link below.

Hypnosis Downloads offer a great deal of useful information and downloads. There is also a lot of very useful free hypnosis information

At Walker Hypnosis I take great care in making sure your specific needs are met. As a professional hypnotist, I provide effective and highly successful clinical hypnosis solutions, tailor-made to each individual's needs. 

Hypnotherapy programs tailored to YOUR needs

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